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Through friendship or a mutual fondness two persons engage in sexual gratification with one another. The aim of fuck-buddies is to receive all the benefits of being in a relationship with another person but not having to deal with any of the downsides of a relationship e.g. commitment, listening to their feelings, caring.

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5 UberFuckBuddy Rules

  • Choose your FB wisely.

    Probably the hardest decision of all depending on how long you’ve known the person. Think carefully about how adding sex will positively or negatively effect your current friendship.

  • Set Expectations. Be Honest. No Cheating.

    So you’ve been friends for years or you’re just embarking on this FWB journey with someone you just met. Make sure you both understand each others expectations of what you want out of this rodeo. Clear, open and honest communication is how you both will get what you want over a good length of time. And when we say no cheating we mean make sure both of you are maintaining each others expectations.

  • Say no to the warm and fuzzies, Stay on course.

    At the end of the day your situation isn’t about starting a relationship. It’s about sex. And don’t forget it. Stay focused on the carefree and fun part of why you and your FB started this and stay grounded in it.

  • Sex Rules

    This one’s simple, anything goes as long as you communicate it with your FB and they are down. But absolutely no kissing and no cuddling after the deed is done. Seriously, it ruins everything.

  • Pullout Plan

    Pun intended! Seriously, the pull out method doesn’t work guys. Wrap it up and practice safe sex. Back on topic, remember rule number 2. Be honest, if you feel it’s over or someone’s catching feelings it’s probably time to call it quits.

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